About Us

This firm was born thanks to the popularization of “vies verdes” between Girona and Olot with the name of Bicicarril. “Vies verdes” are old railway lines out of service and adapted for bikes, hikers and horses. Normally the use of motor vehicles in these areas is not permitted and the slope of its tracks is so gentle. Nowadays, Bicicarril celebrates more than 15 years of experience offering our services to all the bike lovers.

Afterward, in 2011 we started working with different tour operators, that commercialize a variety of cyclouristic packages around Catalonia, to make known our products and services abroad. Finally, in 2013 GRUP ENJOY was born, as a travel agency, in order to manage each and every one of the activities undertaken by Bicicarril during more than 15 years.

Therefore, what Bike Catalonia currently offers you?

On the one hand, we are a rental bike company, where you can find, cyclotouristic bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes, tandems and electrical bikes. All them are well equipped with helmets, repair kits and bottles.

Moreover, as we are a travel agency too, in case you need it, we can also provide you the accommodation, transportation and meals during your stay in here. Regarding the accommodation we have a huge variety of options (camping, hotels, rural houses…) in the city centre of Girona and its surroundings. In terms of transportation we can buy you your train tickets, flights or whatever you need to come here and concerning the meals we can book you a table in a restaurant or give you a picnic so that you can eat it wherever you prefer.

On the other hand, we also offer the possibility to go with a local tour guide. They will show you the best spots unknown for all the foreigners but totally necessary to visit.

Furthermore, we have three different support vans, with which we offer you roadside assistance in case you need it and provide you the service of transfer. We go anywhere you wish to pick you up in person, to take the bikes and also to carry your luggage from one hotel to another.

For further information do not hesitate to contact us by telephone or email, we would be so happy to solve all your doubts.